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  • Sorry about the wait. I was in the middle of a Magic tournament, so I had to advance the instructions in the game in-between my turns when possible. So if it seemed like I was slow, I was. Enjoy your Gengar when you finish it though!
    The Soul Silver SID you gave me worked perfectly. Thanks! Haven't checked the Heart Gold one but will assume it's also pristine.

    As for you Gengar, I don't have a Substitute or Focus Punch TM handy (made a few Brelooms lately), but the core will be complete. Here's his stat lines:

    Male (So you can pass down precious TM's if you wish to make another build.)
    IV's : 31/31/30/30/31/30
    Hidden Power: Fire 70
    No Ev's put into it, and not given Pokerus

    I'll be able to trade it to you sometime around 6. Later!
    Had to drive down to the same rainy, cold wi-fi locale. Was juggling my laptop and DS, but got it done. Thanks for the patience!
    I'm sorry. I had to switch games to give you the Heart Gold Pokemon. I'm in the Wi-Fi Room if you wouldn't mind going back for one more trade.
    Okay, I'll do my best. No EV Training? I can do as much as you want. With no response, I won't touch it, but otherwise, I can level it up and everything.
    Okay. I'll be able to prepare your Gengar tonight if you still need it. I can give it to you tomorrow while we are trading. Just let me know what you want.
    That'd be great. Is it possible you could help me right now?

    Additionally, I replied in the request thread to your request. If you give me exactly what kind of Gengar you want, I can make it for you overnight.
    Hey buddy. You helped me get my SID on Pokemon Platinum a few months back. Not sure if you can still help me, but RoC's SID Server isn't currently working and you are the only person I know that can. I'm looking to get my SID's on both my Heart Gold and Soul Silver games. If you cannot, I still appreciate what you did before and can help you where needed.
    Alright, will do. Good luck with whatever you're pursuing and thanks again for helping me out with the rendering.
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